This competition, organized by Faculty of Computer Science, Electronics and Telecommunications at AGH University of Science & Technology, aims to promote the production of master’s theses of the highest quality scientific research topics with practical application. We encourage students to combine theory with practice by solving real problems encountered in the systems used by ICT engineers nowadays.

In pursuing this goal, the R&D Department at VirtusLab has decided to sponsor a Macbook Pro 15'' computer for the author of the best master thesis with significant academic and practical contribution to these rapidly developing areas of ICT industry.

Best Master's Thesis Award

scientific research topics with practical application


Sponsoring the best master theses 

Designing and delivering a practical lecture series on developing data-driven applications

Bringing theory to practice with implementable PhD projects

Idea incubators - in-house projects focused on developing new ideas into products and technologies.

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Competition exclusively for the students of the Faculty of Computer Science, Electronics and Telecommunications at AGH University of Science & Technology. 


In order to qualify for the competition, your thesis' topic should be connected to scientific research topics with practical application. 


In order to apply:

1. Download the application form.

2. Complete the form and send it via email to: 

[email protected] 

In the application form, you will be asked to provide: basic information about the applicant and thesis (including the thesis’ defense date); the nomination document from the WIET Diploma Committee; the master thesis presentation in PDF format and an executive summary of the thesis (200-800 words), which will be used to promote the winner.

Terms and conditions of the competition (regulamin konkursu).

The participant must read and sign the data processing agreement and send the photo/scan along with the application form and bring the original to the Dean’s Office of WIET by September 30, 2019.

Data processing agreement (zgoda na przetwarzanie danych osobowych) 

Information clause (klauzula informacyjna)  




The thesis must be authored as part of a Master’s degree awarded by the Faculty of Computer Science, Electronics and Telecommunications at AGH University of Science (WydziaƂ Informatyki, Elektroniki i Telekomunikacji AGH). It must be a new thesis, started in 2018-2019. The thesis must be defended by 30 September 2019 and must be nominated by the WIET Diploma Committee. It must be written in the English or Polish language.


In the application form, you will be asked to include an executive summary of your thesis or project, written in English. The summary should provide a synopsis of the work and a brief description of how the research findings could be implemented in the industry. The summary should has 500-800 words.


The jury will consider both the theoretical and practical aspects of the thesis, including the: importance and impact of the subject, a potential for practical implementation (feasibility and impact of the solution) and quality of writing.

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The applications must be submitted by 30 September 2019. The winner will be announced on 4 October 2019. During the inauguration ceremony of the 2019/20 Academic Year (9 October 2019), the prize will be handed out and the winner will briefly present his/her thesis (2-5 min).


The main prize in the competition is a Macbook Pro 15'' computer. It will be awarded to the author of the best master theses as selected by the jury.

Main Prize - Macbook Pro 15''